Docker DNS Errors

DNS Errors with docker containers continued - hopefully a final fix via an easy change to the docker compose file of the DNS server.

Docker DNS timeout errors

When running a Gitea runner, it failed because of a DNS lookup failure. Strangely some docker containers could resolve DNS, others couldn’t. Investigation pointed to a host system configuration issue requiring sysctl changes.

ESPHome Dashboard mDNS not resolving

The ESPHome Dashboard uses mDNS to locate ESPHome devices on the network. All of a sudden mine stopped resolving devices and I found out that ESPHome doesn’t use the system mDNS resolver and it was actually a sysctl change required.

Running OPNSense in Incus

In preparation to setup a new router running OPNSense, I wanted to investigate the functionality of OPNSense and familiarise myself with it. As the only VM platform I have available curerntly is Incus, I tried to setup an OPNSense VM under Incus but had problems.

Switch from LXD to Incus

While I use docker for most of my home lab activities, I like the option of running system containers or VMs and LXC gives a good way to do that. I previously used LXD but I don’t really like Canonical pushing their Snap packages everywhere so I thought i’d try out the fork Incus.

Oracle A1 VM Creation

Anyone who’s interested in learning about Cloud computing has probably gone through all the different Cloud providers free credits / free tier.

Coral Gasket Driver Build

As recommended by Frigate, I use a Coral AI Accelerator to do object detection on my home video feeds. Unfortunately the instructions on the official coral.ai page have out of date drivers which do not work on recent kernels such as the Ubuntu 22.04 LTS HWE kernel or the kernel included with Ubuntu 24.04 LTS.